I am an Artist and Cultural Organiser based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

My studio practice is concerned with profiling natural aesthetics and processes. I design structures and compositions which highlight qualities of colour, tone, structure or performance, using complimentary yet man-made materials. The work combines simple geometry and abstract minimalism with elements of product promotion and packaging design. Attempting to create affinity between the natural and man-made, I hope question the concept of sovereignty of one over the other. The work is relates to earlier pieces made in graphics, sculptural installation and text also examining balances of power in global and day-to-day contexts.

I also specialise in working creatively with learning disabled people and those on the Autistic spectrum. Having worked creatively within this community for 10 years, I understand learning disabled and neurodiverse individuals experience, process, and interpret the world in unique ways. These abilities, valued in professional artists, are fundamental to making remarkable contemporary art. I therefore enable, promote and present the work of LD artists via an inclusive studio and publication project.These projects facilitate artistic development and generate professional opportunities and autonomy for LD artists. I also lead as a freelancer on LD consultations and creative projects in the Contemporary Art sector at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and Arcadea Disability Arts.

Contact: nataliefrostoffice@gmail.com