About LD Art Studio

The LD Art* Studio runs in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne and is designed to develop, promote and present the work of learning disabled artists. This inclusive artists' studio project offers opportunities for inclusive creative development in a bespoke space. The project supports and generates professional activity for LD Artists enabling representation and inclusion in mainstream art settings. http://www.arcadea.org *working name

Richard Thomas

Richard creates numerous single-item drawings. He identifies and documents objects, often repeatedly in a bold and graphic style. The images are flat and distinct due his decision not to draw sharp corners, which are softened, or full circles which are squared off creating an retro gaming aesthetic. His work undertakes an extensive and ongoing process of classification that may reassure him of the conventions of a complicated world. He defines opposites, highlights language nuances, illustrates his daily routine and simplifies decision making, as well as presenting his interests in popular culture and wildlife.

Iain Bassett

Iain's bittersweet work evokes a world he grew up, in referencing retro television and media and mournful romantic possibilities illustrated via still life drawing. His distinct style combines text and images made up of carefully observed drawn and written lines conveying a gentle wit and humour.


With a style reminiscent of Edward Lear, Lisa creates menageries of real and imaginary animals. Her great love is sharks which you can see illustrated in sequence in her bold fanzine. She is also inspired by the characters and aesthetic of gaming creating implied action within fantastical worlds.

Connor Armstrong

Connor to conveys an idealised world prioritising sweet subject matter such as collections of dolls and characters from fairytales. His consistent, stylised approach adds to nature of this focus on the charming. It also echos preferred outlook on the world he inhabits. Connor's work, which is drawn and created in 3D model formats is thematic, often set in groupings of similar items. Every possible nuance is created within a category - giving the impression that no stone has been left unturned to document possibilities within a set strcture. prolific flat detail

Alex Morris

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Laura Fish

Laura creates heavily worked semi-abstract drawings in ink, biro and pencil. She works from life and still life recording forms and overlaying rhythm with purposeful repetition; as if emphasizing in order to communicate. Her style means that the smallest source object - a flower for example appears as a vast and intense landscape often with the appearance of a John Martin painting.

Jason Dunn

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